Miracle Renegade Podcast

Candid conversations revealing the miraculous in the marginal, the mundane, the mayhem and the everyday messes of life.

2020-01-09 15:18:11

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Hosts Maureen Whitehouse and Christian Camarena introduce listeners to the world of Miracle Renegade, a show that explores the miracles in the marginal, the mundane and the everyday messes of life.

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Our Goals and Vision

We’re going to take you on an intentional adventure. One that demands you evolve along the way.

Get ready to question everything. To live more deeply as you lighten up. And to stand at the doorway of awe as you repeatedly touch your own greatness, test your own limits and unshackle your heart.

Who We Are

Maureen Whitehouse and Christian Camarena are your hosts for the Miracle Renegade Podcast.

Christian found Maureen when he was experiencing a particularly challenging time and searching for meaning in his life.
Maureen is a mystic, a miracle worker and a miracle mentor. Since experiencing a life-jolting spiritual awakening she has been helping others come out the other side of their life’s greatest challenges and into a miraculous life of purpose and liberation.

Our Story

Maureen and Christian are here to take you on an incredible journey the likes of which you have never before imagined or seen.

Between Christian’s inquisitive mind and Maureen’s uncanny ability to see though pain and directly into the heart of the divine, get ready to be not only thoroughly entertained but captivated as via their candid conversations you become more and more capable of seeing and experiencing the miraculous that is to be found in the marginal, the mundane and the every day messes of life.

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Meet The Hosts

Maureen Whitehouse

Maureen Whitehouse


I’m Maureen Whitehouse, 23 + years ago I awoke from a near-death experience that included a classic life review. My entire life played out before me in timeless time. And as I watched all of my greatest challenges and pain, I heard a supremely benevolent voice, chuckling like a gentle, rolling thunder, saying, “Now you see how I see, now you see how I see.”
I came out of that experience an entirely different person with a profoundly new and liberating perspective. I realized I was so much more than I had ever imagined. We all are.
One lasting and outstanding benefit from the experience was that on the heels of it, I found I could literally see through pain. Any pain. By that I mean I could help anyone, in any circumstance, immediately come out the other side of pain into the clearing, and into a joyful life literally teaming with miracles.
So for over two decades I’ve been helping people access the miraculous in the marginal, the mundane and the every day messes of life.

Christian Camarena

Christian Camarena


I’m Christian Camarena, I found Maureen while I was feeling particularly down and out and searching for some kind of meaning in my life and to my surprise she talked to me about miracles – I really wasn’t expecting that.
I’m kind of the healthy skeptic in this scenario. A regular guy, who just wanted to stop feeling bad about myself and stop feeling disheartened about life. And I didn’t believe all this stuff about miracles. So I questioned everything. I discovered a true spiritual teacher really loves that shit.
I’ve come a long way since I first began talking to Maureen but I admit I’m still trying to figure it out and I realize I still have a lot to learn.
I’ll tell you this, and I know it might sound cliché but seeing is believing. So that’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to show you…