If you’re like Christian, loyalty has been one of the single most motivating factors in your life since childhood. For better or for worse, it colors all your relationships – but at what cost? In this episode, Maureen upends the typical conversation around loyalty and teaches Christian the real connection between loyalty, love, ego and the True Self.


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This episode also includes a “clarification of terms” [beginning at 45:27] where Maureen defines some of the words that are most commonly and frequently used in the Miracle Renegade podcast. So stick around until the end! 

Topics addressed in this episode include:

  • What’s the difference between loyalty to people and circumstances outside vs. loyalty within?
  • Are we confusing loyalty with performance?
  • What is our Inner Being?
  • How do you maintain a strong connection with your Inner Being when loyalty to family and country are core values in your culture?
  • Why do humans feel such a pull to be loyal?
  • What’s the most essential key to our safety and security?


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“The ego’s opposite in every way—in origin, effect and consequence—we call a miracle.” 

A Course In Miracles  [C-2.5:1]

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