Many of us have been the support system of our families for so long, living with numerous responsibilities driven by love. When we take the role of the provider or caregiver, we must understand that there are two ways we can choose when we move into relation: empathy or compassion.

What approach allows us to give more to others and remain in a


Tune in to this new episode of π˜”π˜ͺ𝘳𝘒𝘀𝘭𝘦 π˜™π˜¦π˜―π˜¦π˜¨π˜’π˜₯𝘦 ▢️ Compassion vs. Empathy.

βœ”οΈBeam up in the vertical.

Connected first vertically- it’s between the divine and you. The vertical connection comes from above down into you, giving you superhuman capacity. That means you don’t look with horizontal perception, which is past, present, and future. It’s a vertical perception that only has you available now, that everything is taken care of by a benevolent entity. Learn to let go because it’s going to be just fine.

βœ”οΈ Observe yourself with superior interest.

It’s time to take the opportunity to pay more attention to your own life’s journey. Give yourself a chance to objectively look at your motivations and recognize what brings you closer to joy and what triggers you. Get to know the true you based on your own experience within yourself, not the good or bad opinions of other people.

Once you start realizing what genuinely feels peaceful to you – then your own gifts will have a chance to express and shine. πŸ’«

βœ”οΈWhen you feel you’ve run out of opportunities and breakthroughs, set your intention and open yourself for miracles.

✨ First, sit down, tap in, relax, and breathe. The breath is your connection to the soul and spirit. You came into this life with your first breath, and you’ll leave with your last.

✨ Once you tap into that space where you’re connected to the breath and your lightness of being, you can say: Tell me where to go. Tell me what to do. Tell me what to say and to whom.

✨ Will to do it, and nothing more. You will find yourself aligning with peace and see your miracles unfolding.


Key Moments:

[00:00:02] Introduction: Meet Maureen and understand how she helps hundreds of others awaken

[01:53] Christian, on being a caregiver and living in upset and frustration

[07:14] Being a miracle renegade & knowing how not to get depleted in the process of helping others

[13:23] Giving from the overflow and not from lack

[22:56] The recipe for consciousness and conscious relationships

[27:51] How to know you are tapped in the divine and not an ego trick

[35:32] Observing yourself with superior interest

[41:01] Maureen on being a caregiver and learning her lesson about taking a break

[47:30] The Miracle Prayer

[58:03] Empathy sucks you into the story or drama VS Compassion as a vertical experience that is heaven down to you


Maureen Whitehouse is here to take you on an incredible journey you have never imagined or seen.

Between her co-host, Christian’s inquisitive mind and Maureen’s uncanny ability to see through the pain and directly into the heart of the divine, get ready to be thoroughly entertained and captivated. Their candid conversations will help you become more and more capable of seeing and experiencing the miraculous that is to be found in the marginal, the mundane, and the everyday messes of life.  🎧✨

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